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Santa Fe County

Public Works


New Mexico Counties Roadeo Competition

Backhoe Competition
1st Place - Chris Sena

Loader Competition
2nd Place - David Baros
3rd Place - Julian Lopez

Do you have a road you would like to be considered for County Road Acceptance? Please read the policy below and then submit and application. 

Santa Fe County NE/ SE Connector 

NE/SE Connectors Alignment Corridor Study (Phase B) 7-30-2014 »

Northeast & Southeast Connectors Presentation »

Santa Fe County NE/ SE Exhibit »

Santa Fe County was allocated $500,000 through a Cooperative Agreement with New Mexico Department of Transportation to conduct this Corridor and Alignment Study in order to address the main objective of relieving traffic from Richards Avenue through two connectors; 1) NE Connector - From Rabbit Road to Richards Avenue and 2) SE Connector - from the Avenida De Sur and Richards Avenue intersection to Rabbit Road. This study is being conducted in accordance with NMDOT Location Study Procedures which requires it to be completed in the following phases and respective processes:

Phase A : Initial Evaluation of Alternatives (To include Public Meeting No. 1)Phase B: Detail Evaluation of Alternatives (To include Public Meeting No. 2)Phase C: Environmental Documentation and Processing (To include 1 Public Hearing related to Environmental Reporting)

As of February 7, 2014, Phase A has been completed and now ready to proceed with Phase B which we anticipate will be completed around the end of July, 2014 and Phase C anticipated to be completed at the end of December, 2014.


Public Works Department

The Public Works Department has the following primary functional areas:

Road Maintenance

  • Maintains the existing County paved and unpaved road network
  • Provides road grading, paving, signage, lighting, stripping, etc.
  • Constructs new roads
  • Provides snow removal
  • Works on drainage issues and erosion control

Water and Wastewater Utilities

  • Operates and maintains the County’s potable water utility
  • Operates and maintains wastewater treatment facilities
  • Conducts County-wide water management planning and technical investigations
  • Provides water conservation assistance to the public

Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling

  • Operates convenience centers for trash disposal and recycling throughout the County
  • Enforces the Solid Waste Ordinance to reduce illegal dumping
  • Conducts public outreach educational programs
  • Holds special clean-up programs and collection events

Capital Projects Management

  • Conducts long range capital project planning
  • Responsible for managing Capital funding, grants and leases
  • Implements the design and construction of County infrastructure including roads, buildings, and water and waste water facilities


  • Implements and recommends cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements for County facilities and operations
  • Provides outreach, education and technical assistance to the commercial and residential sectors

Contact Us

Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Closed Weekends and holidays.

Santa Fe County Public Works Department
424 NM 599 Frontage Road  for a Map and directions to the Public Works building: (Click Here)
P.O. Box 276
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0276
[bot protected email address]

  • Roads: Maintenance -  505-992-3010
  • Roads: Signs/Lights -   505-992-3022
  • Water and Wastewater Utility -  505-992-9870
  • Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling -  505-992-3068
  • Parks, Open Space and Trails -  505-992-9873
  • County Buildings -  505-992-3021
  • Sustainability -  505-992-3044
  • Fleet Maintenance  -  505-992-3033

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