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Santa Fe County

Growth Management / Land Use

E-911 Rural Addressing

Santa Fe County E-911 Addressing Section is part of the Santa Fe County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division, which is under the Santa Fe County Growth Management Department. Santa Fe County E-911 Rural Addressing Section will submit necessary information to help County offices in providing clean, accurate and informational data to the public, as well as to other government entities.

Contact Us

Santa Fe County E-911 Rural Addressing Division
100 Catron St.
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0276
Open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday

Socorro Ojeda
Administrative Assistant
Main Office: (505) 995-2732
[bot protected email address]

Julian Sena
GIS Supervisor
Office: (505) 986-6355
[bot protected email address]

Mark Jurgens
GIS Technician
Office: (505) 986-6347
[bot protected email address]

Anthony Teba
GPS Technician
Office: (505) 986-6246
Mobile: (505) 
[bot protected email address]

Michael Carr
GPS Technician
Office: (505) 986-6315
Mobile: (505)
[bot protected email address]


Common Questions Received

How do I receive an Assigned 911 Address Form?

To request an Assigned 911 Address Form, please contact the GIS Division, E911 Addressing Section, to provide your assigned address or property tax account number.  Staff will then verify the provided information in the mapping system with the information on record.  If verified as a valid address assignment, staff will generate, sign and provide an official Assigned 911 Address Form.  The Assigned 911 Address Form can be obtained by email, in person or sent by postal mail.  Please be aware that if there is a discrepancy, staff will work with you and the Building and Development Division to resolve the issue.

What is the difference between a physical address assigned by the County and a postal address? 

A physical address, also known as Emergency 911 Address (E911), is the physical location (street address) of a property, residence, or business. The mailing address can be the same as the physical/E911 address, dependent on Post Office mail delivery protocols. Mail delivery can be to a PO Box, or as a growing trend, to a ‘cluster box’ (Multiple Box Unit or MBU) not actually placed at the physical location of a residence or business.

A valid physical/E911 address is required for all properties, residences, occupied structures and or businesses in order for emergency service personnel to quickly and efficiently locate you in the event of an emergency.

I live in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Fe County and I have received a letter from the Santa Cruz post office asking for an address verification. What do I need to do?
Obtain an Assigned 911 Address Form from the GIS Division, E-911 Addressing Section (as described above). This form will provide you with the documentation required by the Santa Cruz Post Office.

If I live in City of Espanola, Town of Edgewood, City of Santa Fe, or Rio Arriba County, who do I contact for addressing questions?

City of Espanola
Robert M. Frisch
Phone: (505) 747-6062
Email: [bot protected email address]

Town of Edgewood
Brad Hill
Phone: (505) 286-4518
Email: [bot protected email address]

City of Santa Fe
Leonard Padilla
Phone: (505) 955-6616
Email: [bot protected email address]

Rio Arriba County
Michael Garcia
Phone: (505) 753-7774
Email: [bot protected email address]

Why is my address being changed?
Physical/E911 Addresses in the rural areas of Santa Fe County are determined by a distance-based system using miles as the unit of measure. All lots, occupied buildings and residences are assigned an address number according to the distance from the start of the named road to the entrance point of each driveway. For example: an address of 23 would indicate that a driveway entrance is approximately 0.23 miles from the beginning of the road.

Common reasons why addresses may change:
1) The driveway entrance has relocated to a different location on the same road, or in the case of a corner lot, the driveway entrance is on another road.
2) Even numbers are on one side of the road and odd numbers are on the opposite. The address may be changed if the address number is out of sequence and/or if it is not on the correct side (an odd number on an even side, or an even number on an odd side).
3) County Ordinance 1996-14 requires that any road or driveway, whether public or private, that accesses four or more lots, occupied buildings or residences, shall be named. Once this threshold is met, that road or driveway must be named. This will result in a road name and new addresses for all affected lots, occupied buildings, and residences. Property owners may petition for new road names, however, Santa Fe County is the final authority for all road naming.
4) Public safety and timely emergency response is the primary objective for E-911/physical address assignment. An address may be changed to correct any circumstance that may cause confusion in locating an address in the event of an emergency.

I am not receiving mail/packages. How can I fix this?
Check with your local Post Office to determine if your address is in their database. If not, then request that your address be added. If the Post Office asks for verification, E-911 Addressing staff can provide an Address Verification Form.

Utility company (such as PNM, NM Gas Company, Jemez Electric) has a different service address than my physical address. How do I reconcile this?
Obtain an Address Verification Form from the E-911 Addressing Section and present it to the utility company’s customer service department.

MVD requires two proofs of address to obtain a driver’s license. What do I need to do?
An E-911 Addressing Section Address Verification Form can serve as one of the required proof of address documents.

Why would a road name change?
If Santa Fe County discovers a duplicate road name, or the threshold of four or more lots, occupied buildings or residences is met or exceeded, a new road name will be required. (County Ordinance 1996-14 requires that any road or driveway, whether public or private, that accesses four or more lots, occupied buildings or residences, shall be named.) Property owners may petition for new road names, however, Santa Fe County is the final authority for all road naming.

My address is not posted, or my red and white address numbers are faded. How do I obtain new red and white address numbers?
It is the duty of the owner and/or occupant to place and maintain the correct address number. Currently, Santa Fe County posts red and white address numbers as a service to emergency responders to help them with locating addresses in the County. To report faded red and white address numbers, please contact the E-911 Addressing Section.

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