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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable section is responsible for disbursing County funds (along with any fiscal agent pass through disbursements) to pay for goods and services purchased by Santa Fe County, with the exception of employee’s salaries.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Audit, review and reconciliation of all incoming invoices to supporting documentation requested for payment prior to processing and issuing warrants (checks), including travel reimbursements for all Santa Fe County Departments, Divisions, and Offices.
  • Host Countywide Accounts Payable Workgroup to conduct trainings to all Departments, Divisions, and Offices to ensure consistent and accurate application of policies and procedures.
  • Liquidate encumbrances, when applicable.
  • Maintain file copies for all payments processed.
  • Annual distribution and filing of 1099 forms documenting miscellaneous income.

Vendor Information Forms:

Vendors are required to complete a W-9 or substitute W-9 form to establish a vendor number within Santa Fe County. If any vendor information has changed, such as business name, address or Tax ID Number (TIN), the Santa Fe County Substitute W-9 form must be re-completed, signed and returned to the Finance Division by mail, fax or email for the vendor number to be correctly updated.

Mailing Address

Attn: Vendor Registrations
P.O. Box 276
Santa Fe , NM 87504-0276

Fax: (505) 986-6277 or (505) 983-2487

Email: [bot protected email address] 

Download the Santa Fe County Information Form (may be used as a substitute W-9 Form) by clicking on the  link below.

Vendors may contact any of the following staff for any questions or concerns regarding invoices or payments. NM law states net terms are 30 days. If your business offers discounts for net terms of 10 days, please contact the [bot protected email address].

Accounts Payable Supervisor
Adamina Pino
Phone (505) 986-6220
[bot protected email address]

Vendor Name Beginning with Letters: A - I
Dorothy Vigil (Dottie)
Accounting Technician
Phone (505) 986-6218
Email: [bot protected email address] 

Vendor Name Beginning with Letters: : J – Q & Utility Bills
Bernadette Ortega
Accounting Technician Senior
Phone (505) 986-6363
Email: [bot protected email address]

Vendor Name Beginning with Letters: R - Z
Dolores Olivas
Phone (505) 995-2783
Email: [bot protected email address]

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
CLOSED Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays

Office Location
142 W. Palace Ave - 2nd Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2071

Mailing Address
PO Box 276
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0276
Main Phone: (505) 986-6375
Fax: (505) 986-6277

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