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The Santa Fe County Checkbook Register Page allows users to view monthly operational disbursements made by Santa Fe County. Disbursements posted are according to Expenditure Chart of Accounts. Account numbers are ten (10) digits consisting of Fund, Cost Center, Program, Category and Line Item. Users may view the Checkbook Register as displayed or may sort information under each header Fund, Fund Description, Check Date, Vendor Name, Account Number and Amount by simply clicking on any of the headers. Sorting may be reviewed A-Z, Newest to Oldest, Smallest to Largest. Users may also use the search feature to view disbursements made for specific date ranges and/or for specific vendors.

Please note that monthly disbursements are updated and archived monthly; therefore disbursements for the current month will not be available until the first day of the following month. In order to search for disbursements made in prior months, user may click on View Register Archives. Month and year may be selected to view. Information may be sorted by clicking on any of the headers.

For more information on monthly disbursements, contact the Santa Fe County Accounts Payable Section at (505) 986-6220.

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