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0208-00229/ Burglary/ 1-9-08

Deputy Assigned: Fabian Trujillo

Commander entering: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Location: Delaware Lane

Suspect: Pending

Charges: Pending

Between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, suspect(s) entered a residence. Once inside they took a jewelery box containing 9 diamond rings, 3 tennis bracelets, 4 diamond earrings, 3 gold chains, 6 pendants and 1 gold ring. Total estimated value was over $10,000.00. The case is under investigation

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 10:59 PM

0208-00234/ Burglary/ 1-9-08

Deputy Assigned: Edward Webb

Commander entering: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Location; Laurel Circle

Suspect: Pending

Charges: Pending

Victim's residence was broken into when suspect(s) kicked open the front door to the residence. Once inside the suspec(s) took a Dell Latitude Laptop. The case is under investigation.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 10:31 PM

0208-00231/ Bringing contraband into a place of imprisonment/ 1-9-08

Deputy Assigned: John Lucero

Commander entering: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Location: Santa Fe County Jail

Suspect: Pending

Charges: Pending

It is believed that a visitor at the Santa fe County Jail attempted to smuggle in contraband to an inmate at the Santa Fe County Jail . The contraband was intercepted by Jail staff prior to possession by the inmate. The case is under investigation.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 10:05 PM

Case #0208000208 / Burglary / 1-9-08

Deputy assigned: Deputy David Jaramillo

Commander assigned: Cpl Daniel Chavez

Location: La Carrera Apartments

The victim's vehicle was forcibly entered sometime between 1/8/08 at 10:00pm and 1/9/08 at 7:00am and several items stolen.  No physical evidence was found.  No witnesses or suspects are known at this time.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 3:51 PM

Case #0208000213 / Agg DWI / 1-9-08

Deputy assigned: Deputy Ronald Crow

Commander assigned: Cpl Daniel Chavez

Location: SFC Road 45

Arrested: Yvonne Garcia, age 22, Santa Fe, NM

Above listed driver was found in physical control f her vehicl on SFC 45 and pased out.  Signs of impairment were observed on the driver and the decision to arrest was made.  The driver refused to provide a breath sample.  The driver had a suspended driver's license.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 3:48 PM

Case #0208000184 / Runaway / 1-8-08

Deputy assigned: Deputy Martine Rivera

Commande entering: Cpl Daniel Chavez

Location: Jemez Road

15 year old female told her mother she was running away with her boyfriend to get married.  She was entered into NCIC and her description broadcasted to other law enforcement.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 6:45 AM

Case #0208000184 / Runaway / 1-8-08

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 6:42 AM

0208000207, Aggravated DWI, Speeding, 1/9/08

Deputy Assigned: S. Coles

Commander Entering: Cpl. M. Post

Location: I-25  Milepost 287   Santa Fe

Suspect: Carmella DeVargas  Age: 22  Glorieta

Carmella DeVargas was arrested for Aggravated DWI after being stopped for speeding, 93mph in a posted 75mph zone On I-25 milepost 287.  She was found to be impaired and had a bac of .16 or greater.

Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 5:18 AM

0208000206, Aggravated DWI, Careless Driving, No License, No insurance, 1/8/08

Deputy Assigned: D. Clendenin

Commander Entering: Cpl. M. Post

Location: 511 1/2 St. Francis Drive

Suspect: Antoni Medani-Lopez   Age: 32    Santa Fe

Antoni Medani-Lopez was arrested for Aggravated DWI and various traffic violations after being stopped for Careless Driving.  He was found to be impaired and refused chemical testing thus being charged with Aggravated DWI.


Posted: January 9, 2008 @ 5:12 AM

0208000199 Arrest by Warrants 01-08-08

Deputy Assigned: Agt. Gabe Gonzales

Commander: Lt. Marco Lucero

Location: Old Pecos Trail Inn, Santa Fe, NM

Arrestred: Darryl Miller DOB: 08-23-66

On the above date, the above named defendant was arrested without incident while seen in the area of the Old Pecos Inn.  The defendant had two (2) outstanding felony arrest warrants out of the First Judicial District Court.  He was arrested without incident and transported to the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Center and booked accordingly.

Posted: January 8, 2008 @ 3:56 PM

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