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Case#: 0207008732/ DWI, Reckless Driving, Motor Vehicle Crash with Injury/ Date: 11/03/07

Deputy assigned:  Deputy David Clendenin

Commander entering:  Sgt. Linda Ortiz

Location:  Camino Capilla Vieja, Santa Fe, NM (La Cienega)

Suspect:  Gilbert Hill, age 39, Pecos, NM

Charged:  DWI, Reckless Driving, No Insurance

Suspect was involved in a serious one vehicle collision.  Suspect was unconscious at the scene.  Suspect had a strong odor of consumed alcoholic beverage on his breath and person.  Suspect remained unconscious at St. Vincent Hospital and a blood sample was obtained under informed consent act.  Suspect had no evidence of insurance.  Suspect was then air lifted to UNMH due to his injuries.  Suspect was charged with the above.

Posted: November 4, 2007 @ 7:39 AM

Case#: 0207008712/ DWI, Reckless Driving, Suspended/Revoked Driver's License/ Date: 11/03/07

Deputy assigned:  Deputy David Clendenin

Commander entering:  Sgt. Linda Ortiz

Location of arrest:  US 84/285 mm 178, Santa Fe, NM (Pojoaque)

Suspect:  Trinidad Montano, age 26, Espanola, NM

Charged:  DWI, Reckless driving, Leaving the scene of an accident, No Insurance, No Registration, Driving on a suspended/revoked driver's license

Driver was travelling northbound on US84/285 and crossed the median and struck a southbound barrier.  Driver proceeded northbound in the southbound lanes of US84-285.  Driver with no headlights proceeded northbound and was stopped and detained.  Driver was found to be intoxicated and refused to cooperate.  Driver had a revoked driver's license for 2 prior DWI arrests.  Driver was found to have in his possession a marijuana pipe.  The vehicle had ficticious plates and no insurance.  Driver was arrested and booked into the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Center.

Posted: November 4, 2007 @ 7:30 AM

0207-8715/ Warrant Arrest/ 11-3-07

Deputy Assigned: Agent Gabe Gonzales

Commander entering: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Location: Santa Fe Auto Park

Suspect: Cory Laplante    age 29

Charges: Warrant from probation and parole for failing to report as instructed.

The above suspect was served with the above warrant while at the Santa Fe Auto Park.

Posted: November 4, 2007 @ 4:58 AM


Deputy assigned: Michael Delgado

Commander entering: Sgt. Ernest Borrego

Location of incident: 1136 South Summit Ridge

Arrest/suspect: none

Victim reported that sometime on Oct 3, 2007some unknown person(s) stole a granite water fountain, 4 ft tall, black in color from her front porch. Then sometime during the last 2 weeks an alarm panel from a the home under construction was also stole.

Posted: November 2, 2007 @ 4:20 PM


Deputy assigned: Edward Webb

Commander entering: Sgt. Ernest Borrego

Location of incident: 3030 Emilia Ct

Arrested/Suspect: none

Victim reported that some time between 11:00am and 3:00pm 0n 11/1/07, unknown person(s) BURGLARIZED HIS RESIDENCE AND STOLE  a collection of 3,000 Hot wheel cars, an OJ Simpson photograph, and misc lumber,medication valued at over $31,000.00.

Posted: November 2, 2007 @ 4:15 PM

0207008692Unlawful taking of a vehicle

Deputy assigned: Edward Webb

Commander entering: Sgt. Ernest Borrego

Location of incident: 7537 Old Airport Rd

 Arrested/suspect: none

Victim reported that sometime between10/31/07 and 11/2/07, unknown person(s) STOLE a 1994 Ingersol-Rand aircompressor/trailer from business parking lot. Item valued at $10,000.00. NCIC entry pending VIN.

Posted: November 2, 2007 @ 4:10 PM

0207008685 Larceny 11/01/07

Deputy Assigned: M. Jaramillo

Commander Entering: Cpl. R. Sisneros

Location of Incident: 4679 West Alameda  Santa Fe, NM 87507

Arrested/Suspects: Pending



Victim reported that sometime during the day an unknown person(s) stole 3 Pitbull puppies from a fenced kennel on her property.  Victim values the Pitbull puppies at $3,000.  No suspects or witnesses have developed at this time. 

Posted: November 1, 2007 @ 11:41 PM

0207008684 Unattended Death 11/01/07

Deputy Assigned: Cpl. R. Sisneros

Commander Entering: Sgt. Ben Encinias

Location of Incident: 57 Polmood Ranch Road  Tesuque, NM 87574

Victim:  60 year old male



Victim was located deceased on the property listed above.  Victim was the grounds keeper at the above residence.  No signs of foul play were located on the scene and it appears that the cause of death is that of natural causes.

Posted: November 1, 2007 @ 11:34 PM

0207008678 Aggravated DWI, Revoked Drivers License, Careless Driving 11-01-07

Deputy Assigned:Sgt. Ben Encinias

Commander Entering:Sgt. Encinias

Location Of Incident:Rodeo Rd.

Arrested:Paul L. Rodriguez/ 1989 Chevy Van


On the above date the suspect was pulled over for a traffic stop. During the stop it was determined that he was under the influence of intoxicating liqour. The driver was placed undewr arrest and booked accordingly.

Posted: November 1, 2007 @ 11:27 PM

0207-8662/ Criminal Damage to Property/ 11-1-07

Deputy Assigned: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Commander entering: Sgt. Adan Mendoza

Location: Calle El Gancho

Suspect: Pending

Charges: Pending

Victim reported that someone shattered several windows to her 1991 Acura Legend while parked at her residence. The estimated damage was over $1500.00.

Posted: November 1, 2007 @ 3:13 PM

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