Meter Reading

The Santa Fe County Water Utility Division focuses on ensuring sustainable development throughout Santa Fe County. We hope to achieve this in part by enforcing water conservation requirements on residential and commercial developments. All properties served by a domestic well with water restrictions are required to install a water meter and submit monthly meter readings annually.

Domestic well meter readings are due January 1 of every year. Submissions should be made to the County Utilities Department via fax, mail or email to:

Santa Fe County Hydrologist

424 NM Hwy 599 Frontage Road

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87507

Fax 505-992-8421

Email [bot protected email address]

Not sure if you are required to submit meter readings? You may verify if water restrictions exist by checking the recorded survey plat for your residence or business. You can also call 505-992-9871 with any questions or concerns.