Trail Etiquette

  • Be Courteous to Others - Trails are for the enjoyment of all visitors. Please be courteous and respectful when encountering fellow trail users.
  • Stay on Established Trails - Well-built trails are designed to protect the land from erosion and promote sustainability. When users cut their own trails they promote degradation of the fragile landscape and wildlife habitat.
  • Obey Gate Closures,Regulatory Signs and Respect Private Property
  • Share the Trail 
  • Keep to the right and allow faster users to pass on the left
  • Announce yourself when approaching from behind and passing on the left
  • Cyclist Must Yield to Hikers
  • All Users Must Yield to Horses - When a horse approaches, announce yourself and move off the trail and ask the rider for instructions
  • Dogs Must Be Kept on a Leash
  • Owners Must Clean-up After Dogs - Look for disposal bags and trash cans at trailheads.  Dog excrement spreads disease to other dogs and pollutes groundwater
  • Pack it Out- Take your trash with you when you leave

Plan Ahead Know your limits and abilities, carry gear for changing weather conditions