March 14, 2017 BCC Summary

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March 30, 2017

Below is a summary of the actions taken by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners (BCC) at their regular meeting on March 14, 2017. All five (5) commissioners were present.

The BCC meeting minutes from the February 14, 2017 meeting were approved by a unanimous vote 5-0.

Consent Calendar - All Consent Agenda items, passed by a unanimous vote 5-0.
• Resolution No. 2017-22, A Resolution Requesting a Budget Increase to the Fire Operations Fund (244) Hazmat Grant to Carry Forward the FY2016 Available Cash for the County Fire Department / $9,329.
• Resolution No. 2017-23, A Resolution Authorizing the County Manager to Terminate Water Service Agreements.
• Approval of Amendment No. 3 to Lease Agreement No. 2013-0254-PW/MS between Santa Fe County and Southwest CARE Center, Inc.

(End of Consent Agenda)

Action Items
• Approval of Amendment No. 2 to Professional Service Agreement No. 2015-0188-CSD/MM Between Santa Fe County and Presbyterian Medical Services, Extending the Term of the Agreement an Additional Year and Increasing the Compensation an Additional $450,000, Inclusive of NM GRT, for a Total Agreement Amount of $1,150,000.00, for the Operation of the Mobile Crisis Response Team and Authorization for the County Manager to Sign the Purchase Order. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya was not present for the vote).
• Approval of Agreement No. 2017-0192-UT/BT Between Santa Fe County and Grand Prix de Santa Fe, LLC for the Right to Irrigate Within the Place of Use Located Within the Polo Grounds Using a Portion of Santa Fe County’s Water Rights Associated with the Hagerman Well. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya was not present for the vote).

• Resolution No. 2017- 24, A Resolution Supporting Legislation Requiring Competitive Resource Procurement for Electric Utilities in the State of New Mexico. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya was not present for the vote).
• Resolution No. 2017- 25, A Resolution Establishing the Animal Control Ordinance Advisory Committee. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya was not present for the vote).
• Resolution No. 2017-______, A Resolution Authorizing the County Manager to Negotiate and Execute All Agreements Up To and Including the Contract for Construction of Planned Additions and Renovations Relating to Improvements of the Agricultural Extension Office Located at the Santa Fe County Fairgrounds. Tabled until the March 28, 2017 BCC meeting.

Matters from the County Manager
• Miscellaneous Updates
o Update on US Census Bureau Changes to the County Boundary.
o Update on Smart 911 Program.
• Legislative Update

Matters from the County Attorney
Closed Executive Session.
Threatened or Pending Litigation in Which Santa Fe County is or May Become a Participant, as Allowed by Section 10-15-l(H)(7) NMSA 1978. (Unnecessary Authority Removed and Items Added)
• Potential Contract Breach by a Santa Fe County Contractor.
• Action to Abate Violations of the Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Code and Ordinance No. 2009-11.
• IAFF Local 4266, Santa Fe County Firefighters Association v. Santa Fe County, Public Employees Labor Relations Board, No. 309-16.
No action was taken as a result of discussions in executive session.

Discussion/Information Items/Presentations
Matters from County Commissioners and Other Elected Officials
• Presentation and Approval of A Proclamation Proclaiming the Month of March 2017 “Certified Government Financial Managers Month”. Approved by unanimous vote 5-0.
• Presentation of “3% Valuation Cap” Video by County Assessor Gus Martinez.
• Presentation on the Santa Fe County Lodger’s Tax Advertising and Marketing Program by David Hayduk of HK Advertising and Tony Flores, County Manager’s Office.
• Presentation on the City of Santa Fe Film Commission by Santa Fe County Representative, Lee David Zlotoff.