February 28, 2017 BCC Summary

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March 7, 2017

Below is a summary of the actions taken by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners (BCC). All five commissioners were present.

BCC meeting minutes from January 31, 2017 meeting was approved by unanimous vote 5-0.

Employee Recognitions
• Recognition of New Santa Fe County Employees.
• Recognition of Years of Service for Santa Fe County Employees.
o Melissa Blaylock – CMO/Finance/Accountant Sr. – 5 years
o Celeste Sanchez – PWD/Projects & Facilities – 5 years
o Christopher Flores – PSD/RECC/Emergency Communication Specialist III – 5 years
o Daniel Solis Sr. – PSD/Corrections/Case Manager – 10 years
o Ken Vaughn – Clerk’s Office/Recording Clerk Sr. – 10 years
o Robert Herrera – CSD/Fire/Fire Lieutenant – 15 years

Consent Calendar - All Consent Agenda items passed by unanimous vote 5-0
Final Order
• CASE #S 16-5270 Tessera 2 Final Plat Approval. Homewise Inc., Applicant, Design Enginuity (Oralynn Guerrerortiz), Agent, Request Final Plat Approval for The Tessera Phase 2 Residential Subdivision Consisting of 78 Lots on 69.56 Acres.
• County Health Care Assistance Claims in the Amount of $67,405.31.
• Amendment No. 1 to Lease No. 7085000149116 with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Pueblo of Nambe for Land Located at 302 NM 503.
• Business Lease from the New Mexico State Land Office for 320 Acres of State Trust Land Adjacent to the Thornton Ranch Open Space
(End of Consent Agenda)

Action Items – All Action Items approved by unanimous vote 5-0
• Martha Trujillo and Dr. Steven Rudnick were appointed to the Santa Fe County Water Policy Advisory Committee.
• Peter Dodds, Linda Ramos and Michael Rosanbalm were appointed to the Santa Fe County Ethics Board.
• Policy Direction to Staff Regarding the Following Items Relative to the Implementation of the Aamodt Water Rights Litigation Settlement Agreement: (1) the Office of State Engineer Water Master Rules and (2) the Motion and Proposed Order to Show Cause Related to the So-Called Well Election in the Pojoaque Basin.
• Resolution No. 2017-18, Amends the Santa Fe County Road Map and Certifying a Report of the Public Roads in Santa Fe County. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote).
• Resolution No. 2017-19, Authorizes the County Manager to Negotiate and Execute Such Contracts as May Be Necessary or Appropriate to Support Construction of the East Mountain Health Clinic in the Town of Edgewood, Consistent with Available Funding Levels and Applicable Constraints Imposed by Law. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote).
• Resolution No. 2017-20, A Budget Increase to the General Fund (101), Indigent Services Fund (223), Alcohol Programs Fund (241), Fire Operations Fund (244), and Road Projects Fund (311) As a Result of Needs Brought Forward at the FY2017 Mid-Year Budget Hearings / $363,962. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote).
• Resolution No. 2017-21, An Increase to the Road Projects Fund (311) to Budget Three (3) Grants from the New Mexico Department of Transportation for the Pavement Rehabilitation/Improvements of Various County Roads in Santa Fe County./$344,949. Approved by unanimous vote 3-0 (Commissioners Anaya and Hansen not present for vote).
• Resolution No. 2017-17, Supports Legislation Adopting A Patient Safe Staffing Act Such As That Described In House Bill 288 and Senate Bill 281, As Introduced During New Mexico’s 53rd Legislature’s First Session, In Order To Address The Need for Safe Nurse Staffing Levels In Hospitals In New Mexico. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote).

Matters From The County Manager
• Miscellaneous Updates
• Legislative Updates and Direction on Proposed and Introduced Bills
o Discussion and Direction on Support for or Opposition to Bills Introduced or Proposed for Introduction in the First Session of the 53rd Legislature of the State of New Mexico.

Matters from the County Attorney
Closed Executive Session
Threatened or Pending Litigation in which Santa Fe County is or May Become a Participant, as Allowed by Section 10-15-1(H)(7) NMSA 1978, Including the Following:
• The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Rio Arriba, et al., v. The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Santa Fe, State of New Mexico, First Judicial District Court, County of Santa Fe, Cause No. D-101-CV-2016-02243.
• Trujillo and Peperas v. Board of County Commissioners for the County of Santa Fe, State of New Mexico, First Judicial District Court, County of Santa Fe, No. D-101-CV-2014-01054.
• Potential Contract Breach by a Santa Fe County Contractor.
• IAFF Local 4266, Santa Fe County Firefighters Association v. Santa Fe County, Public Employees Labor Relations Board, No. 309-16.
• Impasse Arbitration Between IAFF Local 4266 and Santa Fe County.
• Violations of the Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Code and New Mexico Subdivision Act. (Items Added)
Action taken as a result of discussions in executive session: The Board authorized the County Manager to negotiate an agreement to make available $45,000 for the regional dispatch center servicing the City of Espanola. Passed by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya was not present for the vote).

• Recognition of the Tesuque Volunteer Fire District.
• Proclamation Proclaiming the Day of March 3, 2017 as Patriot Wrestling Club Day. Approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote).
• 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Process and Schedule.

Public Hearing – Passed by unanimous vote 5-0
Land Use Case
• BCC Case # MIS 17-5040 Ojo Caliente Holdings, Inc. Liquor License.
Ojo Caliente Holdings, Inc., D/B/A Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Applicant, Linda Aikin, Agent, Request Approval for a Restaurant Liquor License.

Information Items (no discussion)
• Growth Management Monthly Report
• Public Safety Monthly Report
• Public Works Monthly Report
• Human Resources Monthly Report
• Administrative Services Monthly Report
• Community Services Monthly Report
• Financial Report