January 31, 2017 BCC Summary

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February 7, 2017

Santa Fe, NM – February 7, 2017 - Below is a summary of the actions taken by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners (BCC). All five commissioners were present.

BCC meeting minutes from December 13, 2016 meeting was approved by unanimous vote, 5-0.

Employee Recognitions
Introduction of New Employees
Recognition of Years of Service for Santa Fe County Employees
November Anniversaries:
Kimberly Martinez – PWD/Administration/Department Administrator – 5 years
Sammy Abeyta – PWD/Road Maintenance/Heavy Equipment Operator Lead – 10 years
Deseray Gallegos – PSD/Corrections/YDP Shift Supervisor – 10 years
Jared Rivera – PWD/Road Maintenance/Foreman – 15 years

December Anniversaries:
Jeffery Spiller – PWD/Solid Waste/Adopt-A-Road Coordinator – 5 years
Casey Arnold – PSD/Corrections/Detention Officer – 5 years
Hanna Padilla – PSD/RECC/Emergency Communications Specialist – 5 years
Pablo Sedillo III – PSD/Administration/Public Safety Director – 5 years
Yessenia Ramirez – PSD/Corrections/Detention Officer – 5 years
Ida Lucero – SCD/Health & Human Services/Cook – 5 years
Timothy Sedillo – PWD/Projects & Facilities/Maintenance Foreman – 10 years
Chris Sena – PWD/Roads/Heavy Equipment Operator Lead – 10 years

Employee of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of calendar year 2016
Anthony Martinez/Auditing Compliance Manager – Public Safety/Corrections, Fire, RECC
Dolores Olivas/Accounting Tech. Senior – Support Services/CMO/Legal, HR, Finance, ASD
Monica Acevedo/DWI Compliance Monitor – Community Services/Health, Growth Management, Housing
Employee of the fourth quarter is Monica Acevedo. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Recognition of Association of Counties Workers Compensation Risk Awareness Program, Safety Award, Adult Detention Professional Standards Council Accreditation, State Auditors Audit Accountability Award, and NM Edge County College Graduates

Consent Calendar - All Consent Agenda items, passed by unanimous vote, 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for vote)
Final Orders
• CASE #CP/S 16-5090 Turquoise Trail North Conceptual Plan. RCS-Turquoise Trail South I, LLC, Applicant, Sommer Karnes & Associates LLP, Agent, Requested Conceptual Plan Approval to Phase the Previously Approved Turquoise Trail North Residential Subdivision (290 Dwelling Units on 101.49 acres) into 8 phases, to Modify the Approved Housing Types, and to Re-Designate the Commercial Lot into a Multi-Family Lot (23 Dwelling Units). The Application Also Included a Request for Preliminary Plat Approval for All 8 Phases and Final Plat Approval for Phase 1, Which Consists of 30 Residential Lots.
• CASE #CP/S 16-5250 High Summit III Conceptual Plan, Preliminary Plat for Phases 3, 4, 5, and 6 and Final Plat for Phase 3. White Bear Properties, LLC., Applicant, Sommer Karnes & Associates LLP, Agent, Requested Conceptual Plan Approval to Modify the Previously Approved High Summit III Phased Residential Subdivision to Reduce the Amount of Lots from 55 Lots to 12 Lots with No More Than 20 Dwelling Units. The Application also Included a Request for Preliminary Plat Approval for Phases 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Consisting of 12 Lots on 87.34 acres), and a Request for Final Plat Approval for Phase 3 (Consisting of 3 Lots on 15.96 Acres).
• Resolution No. 2017-¬¬¬10, An Increase to the Project Funding Allocation for Antonio Lane, and Requesting a Budget Increase in the State Special Appropriation Fund (318) to Budget a Grant Received for the Project / $50,000.
• Resolution No. 2017-11, A Budget Increase to the Law Enforcement Operations Fund (246) to Budget Grant Funds From the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) / $17,690.00.

• Notice of Federal Interest for Improvements to the La Familia Medical Center Southside Clinic as Required Prior to La Familia Medical Center, Inc. Accepting a Federal Grant for Improvements to the County Owned Building Located at 2145 Caja Del Oro Grant Road.
• Assignment of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Right-of-Way Grant No. NMNM131733 to John T. Morris on Horcado Ranch Road.
(End Of Consent Agenda)

Action Items – All Action Items approved by unanimous vote 4-0 (Commissioner Anaya not present for votes)
• Jayne Levant, Michelle Laflamme-Childs and Ramona Sakiestewa were appointed to the Arts, Culture, Cultural Tourism Committee.
• Mackenzie Allen was appointed to the Santa Fe County Ethics Board.
• Erica Abeyta and Tamara Zawistowski were appointed to the DWI Planning Council.
• Appointment of Trustees for the following Community Centers:
o Gerald Castaneda - El Rancho Community Center
o John Kadlucek - Rio En Medio Community Center
o Lisa Lincoln, Janice Abrams & Joan Mitchell - Max Coll Corridor Community Center
• Approval of County Health Care Assistance Claims in the Amount of $292,162.67.
• Approval to Utilize the Houston Galveston Area Council Cooperative Purchase Agreement Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2012-5 Section 1, Outside Contracts, to Purchase Thirteen (13) Fire Department Apparatus In An Amount Not to Exceed $3,700,000 and Authorization for the County Manager to Sign the Purchase Orders.
• Approval of Agreement No. 2017-0154-CORR/IC to GSA Contract GS-07F-0518N with BI Technologies, Inc. to Provide Electronic Monitoring Services for a Total Contract Amount of $420,000.00 and Authorization for the County Manger to Sign the Purchase Order.

• WITHDRAWN - Resolution No. 2017-___, A Resolution Adopting A Schedule of New Water Deliveries for the First Six Months of 2017 and Setting Aside Additional Water for Arroyo Hondo de Santa Fe.

Matters From The County Manager
• Miscellaneous Updates
o Update and Discussion on Draft Santa Fe Water Reuse Feasibility Study
o Thornton Ranch Management Plan Update – Tribal Consultation Process.
o Update on the Jacona Convenience Center Project.
• Legislative Update

Matters from the County Attorney
Closed Executive Session
• Threatened or Pending Litigation in which Santa Fe County is or May Become a Participant, as Allowed by Section 10-15-l(H)(7) NMSA 1978, and Discussion of the Purchase, Acquisition or Disposal of Real Property or Water Rights, as allowed by Section 10-15-l(H)(8) NMSA 1978, Including the Following:
o Rights-of-Way for County Roads.
o Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County v. Gregory Fuess, State of New Mexico, County of Santa Fe, First Judicial District, No. D-101-CV-2015-01936.
o Potential Nuisance Inspection and Abatement Action.
o Potential Enforcement Actions for Violations of the Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Code and New Mexico Subdivision Act.
Actions taken as a result of discussion in Executive Session:
• In the matter of Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County v. Gregory Fuess, a motion to authorize the County Manager to negotiate a settlement of the matter and to execute all documents necessary to effectuate the settlement was approved 3-0.

• Stanley Volunteer Fire District
• Santa Fe Business Incubator
• A Proclamation Distinguishing the Members of the Fire Districts for Chimayo, La Puebla, and Pojoaque for Achieving a Higher Rating Under the Insurance Service Office (ISO) in 2016.

Public Hearings
• The Low-Income Taxpayer Property Tax Rebate Adopted by Ordinance No. 2009-2. (County Attorney’s Office/Gregory S. Shaffer)(Item Previously Listed on Agenda as Item VIII.B) Board directed staff to bring Ordinance 2009-2 back to the Board for amendments and possible sunset. Approved by unanimous vote 5-0.
• Ordinance
o Ordinance No. 2017- 1, Amends Ordinance No. 1991-6, the Santa Fe Animal Control Ordinance, to Increase Fees; Prohibit Fixed Point Tethering; Conform Rabies Vaccination Requirements to State Law and Regulations; Set Forth a Process for Revocation of Permits Issued; Incorporate the Dangerous Dog Act, NMSA 1978, §§ 77-1A-1 to -6; and Establish Penalty Provisions that Comport with State Law. Approved by unanimous vote 5-0.

Information Items (no discussion)
• Growth Management Monthly Report
• Public Safety Monthly Report
• Public Works Monthly Report
• Human Resources Monthly Report
• Administrative Services Monthly Report
• Community Services Monthly Report