Call for Arts, Culture and Cultural Tourism Committee Member Candidates

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December 30, 2016

Santa Fe County is seeking a candidate for the Arts, Culture, Cultural Tourism (ACCT) committee. The application deadline is Friday, January 6 at 5 p.m (see below for information on how to submit an application). 

Santa Fe County adopted Resolution 2014-35, establishing an Arts, Culture, Cultural Tourism (ACCT) Committee. The intent of the Resolution is to provide guidance to the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners on specific policies, projects, and other related items that would enhance and expand the arts, culture, and cultural tourism industries in Santa Fe County.

For more information on ACCT visit:

The Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners shall, to the extent practicable, appoint ACCT committee members that represent each of the following sectors:

  • The crafts cottage industry;
  • The cultural tourism industry (could include heritage tourism, ecotourism, and/or agri- tourism);
  • General arts organizations;
  • The film/digital media industry; and
  • Economic Development organizations.


Any interested party should submit in writing the following:

  • Resume with cover letter explaining desire to serve on the task force
  • Physical address and Santa Fe County Commission district that you live in
  • Identify sector (above) that you represent

Please submit applications to Penny Ellis-Green, Growth Management Director at 102 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe, NM or