Fire Department Directory

Fire Administration:

Fire Chief   David Sperling 505-992-3076 
Assistant Chief  Field Operations  Bobby Montoya  505-992-3079
Assistant Chief Fire Administration Steve Moya 505-992-3083 
Assistant Chief Emergency Management Martin Vigil 505-992-3072 
Coordinator Emergency Management David Elliot 
Special Projects Coordinator Emergency Management Alicia Storer  505-992-3102 
Captain EMS Mike Mestas 505-992-3075 
Captain Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Mike Jaffa 505-992-3087 
Dept. Administrator Administration VACANT    
Senior Accountant Fire Admin Finance Donna Morris 505-992-3082 
Senior Accounting Tech Fire Admin Finance Jay Hetler 505-992-3082 
Accountant Medical Billing Angel Trujillo 505-986-3078  
Clerk Medical Billing Arlene Ortiz 505-986-2448 
Clerk Medical Billing Felicita Pinon  505-992-3071 
Administrative Asst. Operations and Training Division Christen Gililland  505-986-2429  
Senior Secretary Front Desk Reception Dana Feulner 505-992-3070
Fax Number: 505-992-3073


Fire Prevention:

Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal Prevention Jaome Blay 505-995-6526 
Captain Wildland Mike Feulner 505-995-6527 
Fire Prevention Specialist Wildland Remington Gillum 505-995-6532 
Fire Prevention Specialist II

Western & Southern Regions;
Sprinklers and Alarms

Renee Nix 505-995-6528 
Fire Prevention Specialist I Eastern & Southern Regions;
Water Systems, Knox Locks
Dominic Otero 505-995-6525 
Fire Prevention Specialist I Northern Region, Public Education VACANT 505-995-6529  
Secretary Front Desk/Reception Paulina Lujan 505-995-6523 
Fax Number: 505-992-3065      


Battalion Chiefs:

Battalion Chief A Shift Karl Ehl 505-992-3086 
Battalion Chief B Shift Tony Ruscetti 505-992-3086 
Battalion Chief C Shift VACANT 505-992-3086  


Training Division:

Captain A Shift Fire Training Reed Shelton   505-780-1178
Captain B Shift Fire Training Grant Lundquist 505-780-1178
Captain C Shift Fire Training Jacob Black 505-780-1178


Fleet Management:

Fire Fleet Manager Fleet Maintenance Dennis Patty 505-690-7648 
Emergency Vehicle Tech Fleet Maintenance Clyde Hill 505-690-7649 
Emergency Vehicle Tech Fleet Maintenance Gene Brommer 505-690-9363 
Emergency Vehicle Tech Fleet Maintenance Phillip Sanchez 505-660-5029