Office of Emergency Management Division


The Office of Emergency Management Division is currently staffed by an Assistant Chief who oversees emergency management operations. The division is intended to prepare the various and diverse groups and communities of Santa Fe County for all-hazard disaster readiness and response through training of personnel and the acquisition of necessary equipment and apparatus. The division is responsible for organizing and maintaining the county Emergency Operations Center located in the Public Safety Complex. This division is responsible for implementation and compliance with National Homeland Security directives and mandates. This is accomplished through ensuring the operational readiness of first responders and creating cooperation with other emergency service agencies, law enforcement agencies, tribal officials, community service organizations, schools and other City, County, State and National agencies and organizations. This Division also ensures and maintains the operations of the County Emergency Operations Center.

2009 Accomplishments include:

• Developed, planned and mitigated the 2010 Santuario de Chimayo Pilgrimage
• Trained employees and staff in the National Incident Management System
• Developed public information for H1N1
• Participated in statewide H1N1 community planning
• Participated in NM Department of Homeland Security/Emergency Management meetings, and functions

Martin A. Vigil
Assistant Chief/ Emergency Manager

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