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Santa Fe County has responsibilities under the New Mexico Public Records Act and Inspection of Public Records Act to permit the inspection of public records. In order to ensure that the County meets its inspection responsibilities under the Act, the County has designated a Records Custodian for all requests, except those that are provided orally to various others, and oral and written requests seeking public records from the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office. That person is Robin Gurule in the County Attorney's Office. Her telephone number is 986-6212. All written requests to inspect public documents and data (except those directed to the County Sheriff) should be referred to Ms. Gurule for processing. Once she receives a request, she will work with you to obtain copies of the requested documents or data for inspection. She will also ensure that the strict deadlines imposed by the Inspection of Public Records Act are met. Please be advised that the Act requires inspection of records "immediately" or "as soon as practicable under the circumstances" and no later than "fifteen days" after receipt of the request unless the request is unduly burdensom. Ms. Gurule will be expecting that documents requested by the public are forwarded to her immediately, so that the statutory time frames can be met.

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