Healthcare Assistance Program Board (County Indigent Hospital and Healthcare Board)

The Healthcare Assistance Program Board (also referred to as the County Indigent Hospital and Healthcare Board) was dissolved due to state legislative changes in Senate Bill 268 (Sole Community Provider Federal Compliance).


Shall administer claims pursuant to the provisions of the Indigent Hospital and County Health Care Act. Shall prepare and submit a budget for the amount needed to defray claims made upon the fund and to pay costs for administering the provisions of the Act and costs of developing a countywide health plan. Shall make rules necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act; shall set criteria and cost limitations for medical care furnished by licensed out-of-state hospitals, ambulance services or health care providers; shall cooperate with appropriate state agencies to use available funds efficiently and to make health care more available; shall cooperate with department in making an investigation to determine the validity of claims made upon the fund for an indigent patient; shall review all claims presented by a hospital, ambulance service or health care provider to determine compliance with the rules adopted by the Board or with the provisions of the Act; determine whether the patient for whom the claim is made is an indigent patient; and determine the allowable medical, ambulance service or health care costs for each claim.

Committee Members: All five Commissioners

Schedule of Meeting:
Meetings are held every last Tuesday of the month at the Santa County Courthouse, 102 Grant Ave, in the Legal Conference Room at 9 a.m.

Committee Liaison
Kenneth Greg Smith
Phone (505) 992-9848 or 

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2015 Meeting Documents

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