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Board of County Commissioners (BCC)

Regular meetings of the Board of County Commissioners are generally held on the second and last Tuesday of each month. For the complete regular Board of County Commissioners meeting schedule for the current calendar year, click on the link below.  The Calendar of Events and Agendas located on the homepage of the website also has upcoming meetings.

Meeting agendas are generally posted on this webpage and on the Calendar of Events and Agendas one week prior to a scheduled meeting. The final agenda is posted seventy-two hours before a non-emergency meeting.

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Board Members: All five county commissioners

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Meeting available on the web , Comcast Channel 28 or  Que Suave Radio Station AM 810

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2022 Meeting Documents


BCC Agenda 1-11-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 1-11-2022
BCC Minutes 1-11-2022
BCC Agenda 1-25-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 1-25-2022
BCC Minutes 1-25-2022


BCC Agenda 2-8-22
BCC Amended Agenda 2-8-2022
BCC Minutes 2-8-22
BCC Agenda 2-22-22
BCC Amended Agenda 2-22-2022
BCC Minutes 2-22-22


BCC Agenda 3-8-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 3-8-2022
BCC Minutes 3-8-2022
Amended Agenda Strategic Planning Summit 3-16 - 3-17
BCC Special Meeting Minutes 3-16-22
Amended Agenda Strategic Planning Summit 3-16 - 3-17
BCC Special Meeting Minutes 3-17-22
BCC Agenda 3-29-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 3-29-2022
BCC Minutes 3-29-2022


BCC Special Meeting Agenda 4-1-2022
BCC Agenda 4-12-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 4-12-2022
BCC Special Meeting Agenda
BCC Minutes 4-12-2022
BCC Special Meeting Minutes 4-12-2022
BCC Agenda 4-26-2022
BCC Amended Agenda - 4-26-2022 Inclusive of Board of Finance Agenda
Budget Study Session Agenda 4-26-2022
BCC Minutes 4-26-2022
BCC Special Meeting Minutes 4-26-2022


BCC Agenda 5-10-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 5-6-2022
BCC Minutes
BCC Special Meeting Agenda 05-26-22
BCC Minutes 5-26-2022
BCC Agenda 5-31-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 5-31-2022
BCC Minutes 5-31-2022


BCC Special meeting Amended Agenda 6-3-22
BCC Minutes 6-3-2022
Notice of and Agenda for BCC Special Meeting
6-7-2022 BCC Special Meeting
6-7-2022 BCC Special Meeting
BCC Agenda 6-14-22
BCC Amended Agenda 6-14-2022
BCC Second Amended Agenda 6-14-2022
BCC Minutes
BCC Agenda 6-28-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 06-28-2022
BCC Minutes 6-28-2022
BCC Meeting Summary 06-28-2022


BCC Agenda 7-12-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 07-12-2022
BCC Meeting Summary 07-12-2022
BCC Meeting Minutes 7-12-2022
BCC Agenda 7-26-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 07-26-2022
BCC Meeting Summary 07-26-2022
BCC Minutes 7-26-2022


BCC Agenda 08-09-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 08-09-2022
BCC Summary 08-09-2022
BCC Minutes 08-09-2022
Notice of Potential Quorom at Special Event 08-20-2022
BCC Special Meeting Notice and Agenda 08-23-2022
BCC Minutes 08-23-2022
BCC Agenda 08-30-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 08-30-2022
BCC Summary 08-30-2022
BCC Minutes 8-30-2022


Notice of Potential Quorom at Special Event 09-02-2022
BCC Special Meeting Notice and Agenda 09-07-2022
BCC Minutes 9-07-2022
BCC Agenda 09-13-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 9-13-2022
BCC Meeting Summary 09-13-2022
BCC Minutes 09-13-2022
BCC Agenda 9-27-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 9-27-2022
BCC Meeting Summary 09-27-2022
BCC Minutes 9-27-2022
BCC Minutes 9-27-2022


BCC Agenda 10-11-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 10-11-2022
BCC Summary 10-11-2022
BCC Minutes
BCC Agenda 10-25-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 10-25-2022
BCC Summary 10-25-2022


Notice of a Potential Quorum at COLTPAC Meeting 11-02-2022
BCC Agenda 11-15-2022
BCC Amended Agenda 11-15-2022
BCC Summary 11-15-2022
Notice of BCC Meeting Date Change
CB Notice of Meeting and Agenda 11-18-2022
BCC Agenda 11-29-2022

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