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GUS MARTINEZ | Assessor (D) | Term 2019 - 2022



IMPORTANT MESSAGE: **Property Values are subject to change due to a number of situations*
Change of: Ownership, Use, Zoning, and Additions are a few examples that may impact the value


"Santa Fe County Assessor is light years ahead of cities ten times it's size. Parcel Map Property Search is awesome and chat works great. Thanks guys!"

- Facebook Review

"Every time I call (the Assessor's Office) to ask my questions they amaze me with their professionalism courtesy and promptness... Thank you!"

- Evelyn M.

"Appreciate the knowledgeable and extremely helpful people in the Assessor's Office."

- Russell G.

"I've had the need to work with the Assessor's Office several times this past year. Office visits, phone calls, chat sessions. It is strikingly refreshing about how helpful and friendly the staff has been in helping to properly identify the issues and resolutions to them. Thank you very much."

- John J.

"This is the first time I have had to use a chat to verify land and home ownership. Normally I have to use a County's public website to look up the information. It was quick. The information was looked up for me and it was nice 'talking' to a real person."

- Susan P.

"Love the chat feature on the (Assessor's Office) website to get help right away. Got what I needed in minutes. All government sites should operate this way."

- John G.

Did You Know

You could avoid late fees?

The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor mails over 86,000 Notices of Value each year, and receives approximately 6,000 of those as returned mail due to incorrect addressing. We strongly urge you to verify your contact information with our office. Verifying this may assist you in avoiding any late fees you may incur from the Treasurer's Office Tax Bill mail out.

You can prevent property valuation increases if you are 65+ or disabled?

By applying and qualifying for this benefit (65 years or older or 100% disabled, making a total income of less than $32,000 annually) you can prevent your property valuation from increasing each year on your place of residence. Preventing your valuation from increasing will assist you in minimizing your future property tax increases.

Veteran’s get exemptions?

The Veteran’s Exemption is a $4,000 reduction in your taxable value. The Disabled Veteran’s Exemption is a 100% exemption from property tax on the Veteran's primary residence up to 5 acres of land. Both may be claimed by any honorably discharged Veteran or the unmarried surviving spouse of the Veteran.

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